Committee Members

Committee Members

a) Chair Person:

1. Head of the Institution Smt. Smt. Chitra Ramachandran IAS, Special Chief Secretary to Govt.
Higher Education Department, Govt. of Telangana,
& In-charge Vice-Chancellor of JNAFAU

b) Teachers:

1. Prof. B. Srinivasa Reddy, Principal, JNAFAU College of Fine Arts
2. Prof. Dr. S. Kumar, Principal, JNAFAU School of Planning and Architecture
3. Prof. Dr. S. N. Vikas, Professor in Applied Art, CFA
4. Smt. Priti Samyukta, Assistant Professor in Painting, CFA
5. Prof. Ch. Srinivas, Associate Professor in Architecture, SPA
6. Sri. K. Sunder Kumar, Associate Professor in Applied Art, CFA

c) Senior Administrative Officers:

1. Registrar Prof. Dr. V. Phani Sree, Professor in Architecture
2. Assistant Registrar Sri K. Vishnuvardhan, JNAFAU
3. Assistant Registrar Smt. A. Renuka, JNAFAU College of Fine Arts

d) Nominees from Local Society/ Students/ Alumnus:
– Dr. Lakshman Aelay, Eminent Painter

e) Nominees from Employees/ Industrialists/ Stockholders:
– Smt. Aparna Bidarkar, Chairperson, IIID, HRC

f) Senior Teacher as Director/ Coordinator of IQAC:
– Prof. S.K. Rahman, Professor in Photography & Director, Academic & Planning



  • CFA Placement Coordinater

    M. L. Anand Rao

  • SPA Placement Coordinator

    Quazi Tausif Iqbal

    Phone: +91 40 29880693, 7702527700
  • Registrar

    Phone: 040-23321226
  • Director of Admissions

    Phone: 040-23319462
  • SPA Principal

    Phone: 040-23317006
  • CFA Principal

    Phone: 040-23343616