VC Message


I feel privileged to have been appointed by the Government of Telangana to lead this highly specialized University. Although the Colleges trace back their roots to more than seventy-five years, yet the University as an autonomous institution is relatively young, and I find many challenges and tasks to be taken up.  I am hopeful that we can rise to the challenge to reinvent ourselves to be in line with the changes and opportunities in the present day.

As society transforms itself on a continuing basis, education also needs to keep pace by updating in a dynamic way. In fact, it also needs to equip its students for the changes that the future could bring. In order to do this, teaching methods that allow students to observe and learn by experience are significant. Our teachers are encouraged to create more opportunities for students to intersect with society and learn from the interaction.

I also believe that collaborative learning is the way forward and to this end, we are trying to establish partnerships with foreign as well as Indian institutions that could allow students to learn from a wider perspective. We are trying to create every opportunity to develop a global outlook that could serve them well in their careers.

Lastly, I believe that it is important that we build on regional strengths and do not forget the age-old wisdom that we have inherited. We also believe strongly in a sustainable and inclusive approach and our courses and activities are geared for this. We want to inculcate in our students a consciousness of their responsibility to keep giving back to society.

Teamwork is essential to growth and development and I feel confident that together as a team we can respond to the transformation of society in a productive way.

Jai Hind!

Prof. Kavita Daryani Rao
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