About Animation

ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT OF ANIMATION   With the sweeping and revolutionary technological changes that taking place, the animation & visual effects (VFX) industries have been growing day-by-day by leaps and bounds. Cohesively both have been emerged as a unique form of multimedia and become a one-stop solution for today’s entertainment as well as communication demands.   The JNA & FA University was one of the early birds with much foresight had predicted the utility and employment potentiality of the Animation & VFX disciplines, and launched Department of Animation way back in the year 2008, and started a full-pledged professional four-year Bachelor of Arts-Animation Degree Program with the state of the art technology and equipment.   The striking feature of  JNA & FAU’s BFA-Animation program is - it is an admixture of both independent & interdependent cascading courses which welcomes numerous employment opportunities for its students even at the midway through the curriculum.